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Power down, Power up.

Turn off your modem and router by removing the plugs located on the back of the devices, if you are using a modem from Insight that includes phone service you need to remove the backup battery located on the side of your modem, wait for 60 seconds and turn on your equipment in the following order:

1. Put backup battery back in, plug in the modem, and wait at least 60 seconds for modem to start up.

2. Now plug in the router and wait for 60 seconds.

3. Finally, turn on or restart your computer. Internet connection should now be reestablished.

If you still can not connect to the internet contact your internet service provider or call us, we are here to help.

Wireless Router Setup
If you are having difficulties, we can come out and set up your router for you, and have you online in no time. Estimated time for services depends on how big the network is and how many devices are connected.
Average time estimated: 1-2 hours
Price: $99.00-$149.00